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Title Type Year
Jeep Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)Jeep CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
BMW Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)BMW CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
Toyota Commercial for Toyota Camry (2017) (Television Commercial)Toyota Commercial for Toyota CamryTelevision Commercial2017
ASPCA, and SPCA Commercial (2007) (Television Commercial)ASPCA, and SPCA CommercialTelevision Commercial2007
Jeep Commercial for Jeep Compass (2017) (Television Commercial)Jeep Commercial for Jeep CompassTelevision Commercial2017
Nature Valley Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)Nature Valley CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
eBay Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)eBay CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
State Farm Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)State Farm CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
Easy Muffin (Song) by Amon TobinEasy Muffin
performed by Amon Tobin
This Magic Moment (Song) by Lake Street DiveThis Magic Moment
performed by Lake Street Dive
Secrets Resorts & Spas Commercial (2016 - 2017) (Television Commercial)Secrets Resorts & Spas CommercialTelevision Commercial2016 - 2017
ESPN Commercial for ESPN Monday Night Football (2017) (Television Commercial)ESPN Commercial for ESPN Monday Night FootballTelevision Commercial2017
Levi's Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)Levi's CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
Di-Gue-Ding-Ding (Song) by Michel LegrandDi-Gue-Ding-Ding
performed by Michel Legrand
Cheerios Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)Cheerios CommercialTelevision Commercial2017
Baal (Chris Schwarzwalder Edit) (Song) by Exuma and Chris SchwarzwalderBaal (Chris Schwarzwalder Edit)
performed by Exuma; remixed by Chris Schwarzwalder
Samsung Commercial for Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017) (Television Commercial)Samsung Commercial for Samsung Galaxy S8Television Commercial2017
Volvo Commercial for Volvo XC60 (2017) (Television Commercial)Volvo Commercial for Volvo XC60Television Commercial2017
All You Need Is Love (Song) by St. VincentAll You Need Is Love
performed by St. Vincent
GEICO Motorcycle (Product)GEICO MotorcycleProduct?
Ford Commercial for Ford Focus (2017) (Television Commercial)Ford Commercial for Ford FocusTelevision Commercial2017
Volvo Commercial for Volvo XC60 (2017 - present) (Television Commercial)Volvo Commercial for Volvo XC60Television Commercial2017 - 2018
Taco Bell Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)Taco Bell CommercialTelevision Commercial2016 - 2017
Apple Commercial for Apple iPad Pro (2017) (Television Commercial)Apple Commercial for Apple iPad ProTelevision Commercial2017
Flex Tape Commercial (2017) (Television Commercial)Flex Tape CommercialTelevision Commercial2016 - 2017
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