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Title Type Year
Wintersun (2003) (Artist)WintersunArtist2003
Ataxia (2004) (Artist)AtaxiaArtist2004
Frost* (2004) (Artist)Frost*Artist2004
Nu:Logic (2003) (Artist)Nu:LogicArtist2003
Living Loud (2004) (Artist)Living LoudArtist2004
Brides of Destruction (2002) (Artist)Brides of DestructionArtist2002
Box Car Racer (2001) (Artist)Box Car RacerArtist2001
Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains (Artist)Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie BrainsArtist?
Zwan (2001) (Artist)ZwanArtist2001
Khanate (Artist)KhanateArtist?
Spys4Darwin (2001) (Artist)Spys4DarwinArtist2001
The Philadelphia Experiment (2000) (Artist)The Philadelphia ExperimentArtist2000
Oysterhead (2000) (Artist)OysterheadArtist2000
Son of Sam (2000) (Artist)Son of SamArtist2000
OceanLab (2000) (Artist)OceanLabArtist2000
The HRSMN (1996) (Artist)The HRSMNArtist1996
17th Parallel: Vietnam in War (1968) (Movie)17th Parallel: Vietnam in WarMovie1968
Ravine (Song) by GenesisRavine
performed by Genesis
Talking the World War III Blues (Song) by Bob DylanTalking the World War III Blues
performed by Bob Dylan
Wild Child (Song) by The VenturesWild Child
performed by The Ventures
Footprints (Song) by Wayne ShorterFootprints
performed by Wayne Shorter
Smithsonian Folkways (Artist)Smithsonian FolkwaysArtist?
Ho Nen (Song) by Smithsonian FolkwaysHo Nen
performed by Smithsonian Folkways
Le Tu Cuong (Artist)Le Tu CuongArtist?
Nho'em (I Miss You) (Song) by Le Tu CuongNho'em (I Miss You)
performed by Le Tu Cuong
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