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Title Type Year
The Simpsons Game (2007) (Video Game)The Simpsons GameVideo Game2007
Pokemon Channel (2003) (Video Game)Pokemon ChannelVideo Game2003
Pokemon Black and White (2010) (Video Game)Pokemon Black and WhiteVideo Game2010
Learn with Pokemon: Typing Adventure (2011) (Video Game)Learn with Pokemon: Typing AdventureVideo Game2011
Pokemon Rumble Blast (2011) (Video Game)Pokemon Rumble BlastVideo Game2011
Pokemon Puzzle League (2000) (Video Game)Pokemon Puzzle LeagueVideo Game2000
Gran Turismo 2 (1999) (Video Game)Gran Turismo 2Video Game1999
Streets of Rage (1991) (Video Game)Streets of RageVideo Game1991
Recoil (2017) (Video Game)RecoilVideo Game2017
Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix (1999) (Video Game)Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMixVideo Game1999
Harlech Shadow (Video Game)Harlech ShadowVideo Game?
Full Throttle (1987) (Video Game)Full ThrottleVideo Game1987
Overwatch (2016) (Video Game)OverwatchVideo Game2016
Crusader Kings II (2012) (Video Game)Crusader Kings IIVideo Game2012
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014) (Video Game)Middle-Earth: Shadow of MordorVideo Game2014
Fire Emblem Warriors (2017) (Video Game)Fire Emblem WarriorsVideo Game2017
Football Manager 2018 (2017) (Video Game)Football Manager 2018Video Game2017
Cuphead (2017) (Video Game)CupheadVideo Game2017
NeoTokyo (2009) (Video Game)NeoTokyoVideo Game2009
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