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What is popisms.com?

popisms.com is a site for submitting, discussing and, posting questions about popular culture and connections between various items of popular culture. For more information, check out our About Us page.

    What are popisms? What is a popism?

    A popism is the name for a connection between two items of popular culture. A song played in a commercial, a movie shown in the background of a TV show, or a movie based on a comic book are all examples of popisms.

      Who can use popisms.com?

      Popisms.com is for everyone. If you are interested in popular culture then popisms.com is for you. Visitors can browse, search, vote, and comment on our blog.


        Problems and Corrections

        Why don’t you have a specific movie, TV show, book, song, etc., on your site?

        popisms.com is about connections. We are not striving to list every movie, book, song or TV show ever created. If there are no connections to or from the pop culture reference you are looking for, then it is likely that it will not be listed on the site.

        If there are connections to or from the item you are referring to, see the next question.

          Why don’t you have a connection between __________ and __________?

          If it's a valid connection that isn't listed on the site, it is likely not there because no one has added it yet. Feel free to contact us with the suggestion and we'll be sure to add it.

            What should I do if I notice incorrect or inappropriate information on a submission?

            The first thing you can do is vote on the submission (see below). Additionally, you can submit problems or corrections by clicking the "Submit a problem" link near the bottom of any posting, or you can visit our Contact Us form.



              Who do I contact if I have a problem/question/concern/suggestion?

              If the problem/question/concern/suggestion is something you would like to discuss with other members, you may post it to "The Site" section of our forum.

              If you would just like to contact a member of our staff, you can use our contact form.

                Does popisms.com sell merchandise (DVDs, CDs, books, etc.)?

                popisms.com does not directly sell any merchandise, however we do offer products for sale through our affiliates including iTunes and Barnes and Noble. You can help support the site by making purchases through the purchase links on any of our pages.

                  What do I do if I have a problem with another member (complaints, posting incorrect information, bullying, etc.)?

                  Please see our complaints page.

                  If you continue to have problems, or if the user is violating any of our Terms of Service or User Guidelines you can report the problem through our contact form.

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                    That's a secret. We will tell you that it's bigger than a breadbox, but smaller than a Fraggle Stick Car, but that's the only hint that you will get.