Please read the following carefully if you have a complaint about a comment, entry, or other posting hosted at Some general points:

  • Before contacting us, please consider contacting the submitter directly if you take issue with their submission. This will often work to resolve an issue immediately without involving us (or worse, lawyers). Some submitters list their contact info on their member page, or, if you have an account you can always send a message to the submitter through their member page.
  • We take complaints seriously, but please be aware that unless a submission clearly violates our Terms of Service we may or may not disable or remove it.
  • Below are the official ways to contact us for various issues. Emails, voice mails, etc that are sent elsewhere will not get the desired response.


Nearly all content on the site is votable. If you do not like any specific submission, your first action should be to give it a negative vote by clicking the little frowny face icon (usually found below the content). Content with a high number of negative votes will automatically be reviewed by our staff.

Copyright violations

If one of our pages or documents features content that is owned by you (and you did not authorize your content to be published the Site, please use our DMCA reporting process. We respond to all properly formatted DMCA complaints.

Defamation, abuse, threats

We do not tolerate threats or abuse, however, we do allow well thought out negative (and positive) opinions - especially in reviews or in our forums. If you find defamatory, abusive or threatening content on a page, comment, entry or other posting, you can report it to our contact form. However, please first take a look at this Electronic Frontier Foundation page on defamation law. Note that negative personal opinions are not considered defamation. In other words, someone calling you names or insulting you is not grounds for shutting them down. Instead of asking us to suspend and account or remove content from our site, please consider either responding in the submitter directly or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, or simply ignoring the issue (submitters who use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low readers in the first place). When reporting defamatory or abusive content, please provide specific links and/or quotations of the offending material. If the content is written in a language other than English, make sure you provide a translation.

Offensive material

Unless content is illegal, threatening, or in violation of our terms of service we may choose not to suspend or remove it. Please see below for specific issues with "Mature Content".


Please use our contact form to report additional information about any spam you see on our site. We will remove all spam as soon as possible.

Mature content does not allow pornographic images or video (or links to such content). Please immediately report any content that falls into this category through our contact form.

While we strive to be a family friendly site, our goal is also to identify and track all aspects of pop culture - some of which may include content that is considered inappropriate for some visitors. While we do not encourage the use of coarse language, mature or adult topics, images, videos, or other content; if the content is accurate or on topic (for example, the official title of a pop culture reference may contain a "bad" word, or someone may be referencing a quote from a movie), we may choose not to censor or remove the content. The use of inappropriate language for its own sake, for defamation or insulting; or any use of pornography may be removed at any time. You may use our contact form to report inappropriate content.