Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle is a 1932 Fleischer Studios Betty Boop animated short, directed by Dave Fleischer. It is now public domain. 
After a short live action performance by the Royal Samoans, Bimbo appears on screen playing a ukulele while riding in a motorboat. The motorboat goes faster and faster, until it crashes into a tropical island. Bimbo flies into the air and lands in another boat with a topless (except for a strategically placed lei) and dark-skinned Betty Boop in it. 
Bimbo and Betty, after nearly falling down a waterfall, are flung from the boat into a clearing surrounded by hostile trees, who torment the two. A group of savages appears, but Bimbo disguises himself by painting his face and sticking a bone in his hair. Bimbo is treated as an honored guest, and Betty dances the hula. A sudden rainstorm washes off Bimbo's disguise, and he and Betty are chased by the savages until they reach Betty's canoe and take off down the river. When it seems that they are alone, the two proceed to kiss in private behind an umbrella (with a convenient hole). 
Made of pen and ink 
She can win you with a wink (yoo hoo) 
Ain't she cute? Boop boopie doop 
Sweet Betty 
Holy shmack. What's your name? 
My name is Bimbo. 
Can you sing, Bimbo? 
I will if you play for me. 
My own Iona, 
From old Halona, 
Your dark and dreamy eyes— 
They speak of paradise; 
My ukelele, 
Played the Mauna Loa gaily; 
Halona’s calling me, Iona dear, my own. 
Don't be scared, Bimbo. 
La la la la. 
You ain't seen nothing' yet. Watch me. 
Oh, dear. 
Is anybody lookin'? 
I'll fix that. 
U.M.&M. TV Corp. presents 
Betty Boop Cartoon 
Max Fleischer presents Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle 
Copyright MCMXXXII by Paramount Publix Corporation All Rights Reserved 
Directed by Dave Fleischer 
Animated by Seymour Kneitel and Bernard Wolf 
Recorded by The Royal Samoans 
Featuring Betty Boop and Bimbo 
The End 
A UM&M TV Corp. Presentation
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