Popeye is sitting outside Olive's lunchroom at the airport, distraught. She's closed the business to fly away with an aviator, Bluto. But it's hardly what she expected; he has her painting his plane, while it's flying; when she says she's rather go back to Popeye, he tries to throw her off the plane. Popeye sees this, and takes off in a plane, just in time to help her out. The boys get into a dogfight, and Bluto manages to demolish Popeye's plane. As Popeye is falling, he grabs a duck and feeds the duck spinach. The duck manages to fly him up to Bluto's plane, Popeye has some spinach of his own, and he teaches Bluto a lesson. Popeye picks up Olive and crashes the plane into the diner, opening it (and providing a new counter).

Some sources incorectly list this short's title as "I Never Changes my Attitude".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Popeye, I'm plane crazy about aviators. I'm flying away with one. Good-bye, Olive Oyl. Oh, my prettiest engagement.

Hurry up! There's plenty more to do. Make it snappy. Ah, you're no help at all.
I wanna go back to Popeye!
Okay, you go back. End of the line. Come on, give up.
Hey, what's that? Olive's voice. Where is that? Whoa! What to do? Where to go? What'll I get. How'll I do that? Come on, wing, we're going places. That'll do it. Signals, 24, 46... up! We're off!
Get off!
Take this. I'll be right back.
Popeye! Oh, what a predicament! Stroke!
Hey, ya big balooka. What's the big idea? You don't know how to treat a lady?
Who's a balooka?
You are.
Come out here and I'll smack ya.
I'm coming out. Don't worry. Whoa. Hey watch this. Hey, this is terrible. This is terrible. I think I need some more muscle-age on the fuselage. Brother, you're headed for the last crack up. Hey, I doesn't like your altitude.
Oh, you don't like it, hey?
No. Hey, I think something's wrong here. What's the matter? How do you stop this thing?
I'll grind ya right up.
I don't like these Sunday drivers. Whoa! Hey what happened? Where's the rest of this thing? Better get more weights on here. Hey, look out below. Hey, spread your wings there, young fella. Oh boy, this is ducky. Thanks for the lift, birdie. Out you go.
Wait a minute here. Hey, cut it out.
Contact. I guess I'll save his life for him.
Oh, Popeye, you've saved my life.
Oh, say nothing of it, Olive.
Popeye, you're the most wonderfullest aviator of all.

I am what I am and that's all what I am. I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

Written Text

A Paramount Picture
Adolph Zukor presents a Max Fleischer cartoon
Popeye the Sailor in I Never Changes My Altitude
Copyright MCMXXXVII by Paramount Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved
Directed by Dave Fleischer
Animated by Willard Bowsky and Orestes Calpini
By Arrangement with King Features Syndicate, Inc. and Segar
Approved Certificate No. 01408
Passed by the National Board of Review
Western Electric Noiseless Recording

Hott Air-Port Entrance
Olive Oyl's Lunch Room
"Come Down and See Me Sometime!"
Out of Business, Gone, Closed, Shut
Popeye - I'm plane crazy about aviators. I'm flying away with one. Good-bye, Olive Oyl
Open for business

A Paramount Picture

Fleischer Studios (1933 to 1942)

Popeye was produced by Fleischer Studios for Paramount Pictures from 1933 to 1942. During this time period the film shorts were originally created in black and white with the exception of three, double-length Technicolor specials. Over time many of them were colorized and re-released from the original film.

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Customers Wanted part of Popeye the Sailor (Fleischer Studios)

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Famous Studios (1942 to 1957)

Popeye was produced by Famous Studios for Paramount Pictures from 1942 to 1957 after they took ownership of Fleischer Studios. After September 1943, all Popeye short films were created in color.

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Fright to the Finish part of Popeye the Sailor (Famous Studios)

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