The Bulleteers (1942) is the fifth of seventeen animated Technicolor short films based upon the DC Comics character of Superman, originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. This animated short was created by the Fleischer Studios. The story runs about nine minutes and covers Superman's adventures as he defends the city against a villainous gang called "The Bulleteers", who are equipped with a bullet-shaped rocket car. It was originally released on March 26, 1942.

The story begins as the clock strikes midnight. A strange, bullet-shaped rocket-car blows right through the police department, leaving an explosion in its wake. The paper the next day reports the destruction of the building and bafflement of the police. Perry White calls Lois Lane and Clark Kent into his office. Just as he is explaining the report, the sound of a loudspeaker comes in through the window. The leader of the "Bulleteers", as Lois later calls them, is shown announcing from his hideout atop a mountain outside of town, the demands of his gang. Over the speaker, Clark, Lois, and the rest of the town hear it: Turn over the city treasury or other municipal buildings will be next as their last warning!

Later that day, Lois asks the mayor what he is doing about the problem. The mayor announces that he will not be swayed by criminals. That day, policemen all over town setup sandbag fortifications for their machine guns and searchlights in preparation for the Bulleteers. At midnight, the gang strikes again, first destroying the town's power plant, bullets from defending policeman bouncing harmlessly off the bullet-car's sleek surface. Lights in the Daily Planet flicker on and off, and Lois takes off in a car to get closer to the scene, leaving Clark behind. Clark takes the opportunity to enter a nearby phone booth and don his Superman costume.

The Bulleteers take aim now at the city's treasury building, but Superman steps in front of them and knocks the rocket-car off course. As they struggle to regain control, he leaps in the air and grabs its front trying again to force it off-course, but the Bulleteers, through wild maneuvering, manage to shake him off the car to the ground below. Superman lunges to keep them from the treasury, only to arrive too late. Piles of rubble from the explosion bury him.

Lois Lane arrives at the scene in time to see the gang throwing bags of money into their car. She sneaks into its cockpit and tries to smash the controls with a wrench, but the gang returns, taking off with her. Superman, meanwhile, emerges from the rubble and chases after the car, grasping it by one of its retractable wings, and then by its tail-fins to throw it off course. As it spirals downward, he claws his way to the cockpit, rips it open, and pulls Lois and the three gangsters out. The car crashes to the ground far below.

The newspaper next day reports Superman's heroic feat and the gangsters' arrest for their rampage. Reading it, Clark remarks, "Nice going, Lois. Another great scoop for you." Lois replies, "It was easy, thanks to Superman."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Up in the sky. Look!
It's a bird.
It's a plane.
It's Superman!

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. This amazing stranger from the Planet Krypton, the Man of Steel - Superman. Possessing remarkable physical strength, Superman fights a never-ending battle for truth and justice disguised as a mild-mannered newspaper reporter, Clark Kent.

Send in Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Give me a follow-up on this bullet car story.
Metropolis: Attention! The destruction of your police station today was only a small demonstration of our power. Unless your mayor sends over the entire funds of the city treasury, power plants, fire houses, and all municipal buildings will be next. Take heed. This is your last warning.

What are the authorities going to do about this, Mr. Mayor?
We won't be intimidated by criminal. Law and order must stand still for this.

The Bulleteers!
The presses have stopped! The presses have stopped!
This looks like a job for Superman.

Nice going, Lois. Another great scoop for you.
This is easy thanks to Superman.

Written Text

A Paramount Picture
Stereoptical Process
Paramount presents a Max Fleischer Cartoon Superman in Technicolor
The Bulleteers
Copyright MCMXLII by Paramount Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved
By arrangement with Action Comics and Superman Magazine
Comic strip created by Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster
Direction: Dave Fleischer
Animation: Orestes Calpini, Graham Place
Bill Turner, Carl Meyer
Musical Arrangement: Sammy Timberg
Approve Certificate No. 03199
Classified and Passed by The National Board of Review
Western Electric Noiseless Recording

Police Headquarters
Daily Planet - "Bullet Car" Destroys Police Headquarters - Car Mysteriously Disappears, Police Baffled
City Hall
Daily Planet - Mayor Defies Threads of "Bulleteers" - "We'll Fight" says Mayor, City Completely Mobilized by Lois Lane
Daily Planet - Superman Destroys "Bullet Car" - Superman Saves City from Total Destruction Then Vanishes by Lois Lane

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