Hope Floats

Hope Floats

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
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Birdee Pruitt is a Chicago housewife who is invited onto the fictitious Toni Post talk show under the pretense of a free makeover. The makeover she is given is hardly what she has in mind...as she is ambushed with the revelation that her husband Bill has been having an affair behind her back and wants a divorce so he can be with his mistress Connie, who also happens to be her best friend. Humiliated on national television, Birdee and her daughter Bernice move back to Birdee's hometown of Smithville, Texas with Birdee's eccentric mother Ramona to try and make a fresh start.

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Parks and Recreation:
Season:  3  / Episode:  6 

This Television Episode refers to Hope Floats
When asked if he is going to Tom's club, the Snake Pit, Ben says the hotel where he is staying will be showing 'Hope Floats' in the lobby that night.

American Dad!:
Season:  6  / Episode:  12 
May the Best Stan Win

This Television Episode refers to Hope Floats
Cyborg Stan shows Francine Hope Floats on his fold-out TV screen while on their Valentine's Day date.

The King of Queens:
Season:  2  / Episode:  1 
Queasy Rider

This Television Episode refers to Hope Floats
The guys make fun of Doug after Carrie shoots down his idea of getting a motorcycle. Doug tries to convince Deacon that Carrie doesn't always set the rules in the family. Deacon reminds Doug of the time they rented a movie, and Carrie won the choice of movie, making everyone watch Hope Floats.

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