Robin Hood is a 1991 film starring Patrick Bergin and Uma Thurman. In the US the film appeared as a TV movie on the Fox network, the first made for television movie by the network. 
The film shares much of its plot with the 1938 film, The Adventures of Robin Hood, concentrating on the struggle between Normans and Saxons. It begins when a miller who is poaching deer on lands belonging to the King of England is found by a hunting party led by the evil knight, Sir Miles Folcanet. The miller flees until he runs into a Saxon earl, Robert Hode and his friend, Will. The miller pleads for help as the Normans arrive and threaten to poke the miller's eyes out. Before they can carry out the punishment, Hode stops them. Folconet is enraged and demands that Hode is punished by the local Baron, Roger Daguerre. 
Daguerre is Robert's friend, and tries to give him a light punishment, but Robert refuses, takes up arms, and flees into Sherwood Forest. As a result Robert is outlawed, and, taking the name Robin Hood, meets the usual cast of Merry Men and fights against the Norman nobility. Robert/Robin also falls for Daguerre's niece, Marian, who is promised to Folcanet, and the climax of the film is an attack on Nottingham Castle to stop the wedding. Unlike many modern versions of the story, King Richard does not appear at the end, and instead Daguerre is reconciled with Hode and promises a future where Saxons and Normans are treated equally.

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