You've got another love 
and I know it 
Someone who adores you 
just like me 
Hanging on your words 
like they were gold 
Thinking that she understands 
your soul 
Poor Girl 
just like me. 
You're breaking another heart 
and I know it 
And there's nothing 
I can do 
If I try to tell her 
what I know 
She'll misunderstand 
and make me go 
Poor Girl 
just like me. 
You're going to leave her too 
and I know it 
She'll never know 
what made you go 
She'll cry and wonder 
what went wrong 
Then she'll begin 
to sing this song 
Poor Girl 
just like me.

Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

What Television Episodes reference this Poem?

It is referred to by...
Litchfield's Got Talent part of Orange is the New Black Season 5

Orange is the New Black:
Season: 5 / Episode: 4

Litchfield's Got Talent

This Television Episode refers to Poor Girl written by Maya Angelou
This poem is quoted

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