Got no place to go 
But there's a girl waiting for me down in Mexico 
She's got a bottle of tequila 
A bottle of gin 
And if I bring a little music I can fit right in 
We've got airplane rides 
We got California drowning out the window side 
We got big black cars 
And we've got stories how we slept with all the movie stars 
I may take a holiday in Spain 
Leave my wings behind me 
Drink my worries down the drain 
And fly away to somewhere new 
Hop on my choo choo 
I'll be your engine driver in a bunny suit 
If you dress me up in pink and white 
We may be just a little fuzzy 'bout it later tonight 
She's my angel 
She's a little better than the one that used to be with me 
Cause she liked to scream at me 
Man, it's a miracle that she's not living up in a tree 
Everybody's gone 
They left the television screaming that the radio's on 
Someone stole my shoes 
But there's a couple of bananas and a bottle of booze 
Oh, well happy new year's baby! 
We could probably fix it if we clean it up all day 
Or we could simply pack our bags 
And catch a plane to Barcelona 'cause this city's a drag 
-Chorus (x2)-

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