Coca-Cola supports hundreds of sustainability programs around the world. In this video, meet the following people: David teaches kids how to win in life through the Street Games organization in the United Kingdom. Zilda leads a recycling cooperative in Brazil with support from Coke’s 5by20 initiative. Peter works with WWF to preserve the polar bear’s arctic habitat. Jinyan restores water and hope in China. 
"Coca-Cola Every Bottle Has A Story"

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(Lyrics) Oh we close our eyes 
The perfect life, life is all we need 
Oh we close our eyes 
The perfect life, life is all we need 

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At Coca-Cola We Believe In the Power Of People To Change The World 
And We Believe The Best Way To Do It Is To Start With Others 
David Started By Teaching Kids How To Win In Life 
Zilda Started By Recyclying Dreams 
Jinyan Du Started By Restoring Water And Hope 
Peter Started By Conserving Arctic Relationships 
If We Start With Those Around Us, We'll End Up With A Happier World For Us All. 
That's Why Coca-Cola Supports Hundreds Sustainability Programs Around The World 
Every Bottle Has A Story 
Learn more at 
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