A few years ago, we thought that phones and tablets and watches (and stuff that hasn’t even been invented yet) would be way more interesting if everyone was invited to imagine, invent, make, or buy whatever they wanted. So we created Android, and put it out there for everyone.  
Since then, all kinds of people, companies big and small, folks on Kickstarter, kids in schools, and mad-smart developers have been innovating faster, together, than any one company ever could.  
Basically, we’re throwing the world’s biggest… come as you are, everyone’s invited, don’t bother knocking, feel free to DJ, bring a friend or fifteen… party.  
Consider yourself invited. 
"Android: And you"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Sorry. Sorry. I'm just... 
(Lyrics) You, 
You work all night (all night) 
And when you work you don't feel all right 
And when, 
When things stop feeling all right (all right) 
And everything is all right 
'Cos we will never listen to your rules (no) 
We will never do as others do (no) 
Know what we want and we get it from you 
Do what we like and we like what we do 
So let's get a party going (let's get a party going) 
Now it's time to party and we'll party hard (party hard) 
Let's get a party going (let's get a party going) 
When it's time to party we will always party hard 
Party hard (party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard party hard, party hard, party hard...)

Written Text

and you 
and him 
and them 
and these 
and why not 
and forward 
and backward 
and twins 
and roadtrips 
and ? 
and samsung 
and htc 
and moto 
and lg 
and sony 
and audi 
and tiny 
and huge 
and oooh 
and woah 
and werk 
and school 
and mr. clark 
and weekends 
and wheee! 
and bebop 
and boo 
and goooaaall 
and monkey 
and banana 
and start 
and finish 
and them again 
and peace 
and quiet 
and night 
and day 
and them 
and him 
and her 
and you 
be together. not the same.

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