"Do You Need To Wash Your Entire Room? | Febreze" Wish you could wash your entire room? Luckily, Fabric Refresher and a pluggable NOTICEables work together to eliminate odors in your fabrics and air. Each of our pluggable refills knocks out odors with up to 4x the freshness. * Relax and breathe happy with Febreze. This ad shows a mom coming into his son's room. She thinks it stinks and tells him that he needs to wash his whole room. They both do it by spraying Febreze everywhere.

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Josh, don't you have friends coming over? Yeah, so? It stinks in here. You've got to wash this whole room. Are you kidding? Wash it? Let's wash it with Febreze. For all the things you can't wash, use Febreze fabric refresher. Whoa. Hey, it smells nice in here. And try pluggable Febreze with up to four times the freshness in one refill. Pluggable Febreze and Fabric Refresher. Two more ways to breathe happy.

Written Text

Wash away odors up to leading value brand Febreze Breathe happy

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