Lincoln Presents | Olivia’s Wish List :75

It all starts with a wish. Make yours come true with exclusive offers across our entire lineup during the Lincoln Wish List Sales Even

This ad shows a little girl named Olivia riding in the back seat of a car. It comes to a stop at a red light and she notices that everyone outside is just looking at their phones on a nice sunny day. She decides to grab the snow globe next to her, make a wish, and then shake it. Her wish comes true when it starts snowing outside. This gets everyone off their phone as the watch the sky and the snow. But that's not enough for little Olivia.

There are figures in the snow globe of a man and woman kissing, and she makes another wish. Soon, the women outside kiss a man standing next to them. Another figure shows a man holding an umbrella. Another wish, and hundreds of these men start falling from the sky with parachutes for all the kids. Last, she turns a crank on the snow globe, and everyone starts dancing.

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Lincoln presents Olivia's Wish List
Lincoln MKX
It all starts with a wish
The Lincoln Motor Company

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