Samsung Galaxy: Moving On

When your lagging phone does you wrong, you gotta move on.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Next in line please! Boarding pass and IDs out!
Sorry, one second. It's loading. Look.
All right.
Let's speed this up, please! Thank you.
Is this car for Carmen?
Hey! That's my car!
Where to?
Um, just head downtown.
Can you stop here?
Can we fix this phone tonight? It's really slow.
You could turn off the performance management feature, but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns.
Battery throttling.
Or you could just upgrade it.

(Lyrics) Oh, I used to be spellbound in your arms
With all of your conniving you've lost your charm
You built the flame that warmed my heart
But your lying and cheating has torn us apart
And I'm moving on

Ohh, I'm moving on
Yes, I'm moving on
Mmm, I'm moving on

Written Text

Did you upgrade from that iPhone 6 yet?
Upgrade to Galaxy
Got the upgrade. It's

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