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Cathy Hey what's up?

Well, I've just been thinking a lot lately about my "journey" and what that means to me as a person and you as a person and I feel like my life is moving in slow motion and I don't know how to stop it or make it go fast. Its INSANE. Hah. I feel like it all started back in 5th grade when my teacher asked me to "stop calling out the answers". She STUNTED me. She STUNTED my thirst for knowledge. Because now I feel like I want to "call out the answers" but I can't and its my own life, you know??? So that got me thinking about fitness and i'm just so torn between PILATES and yoga and what's best for me at this moment. In this time of my life. I fefel like the challenge part of pilates is great but the soulful part of yoga is key. My mom said: FIND YOUR GUIDEPOSTS and I'm trying. That also though makes me think....what are guideposts? Are they man made? Are they physical objects? Or are they a feeling? An intuition? How will we know when we find a guidepost? It's not just going to say "hi, I'm a guidepost." You know? I want to find my life's passion....but where to start? Also before I forget, my diet: currently consisting of potato chips and CEREAL....but is that helping me on my journey? I'm happy when I east those things, they bring me joy....but is it really SERVING me? I find lately that the things I know are bad for me, are serving me the best. So I guess you could ask how well are they reeeeally serving me then? I think that brings me back to high school when I knew I wanted to be a cheerleader, even though the school colors washed me out (we were the TIGERS.... I look terrible in orange). This has been an ongoing trend in my life: I need to break it. The color orange represents so many things to me now too which shows how I have an inability to LET THINGS GO! I need to be content in my choices and find my own path. I read this amazing article the other day about what color your aura is, and I found out that mine is ORANGE. How strange I am for wanting to cut that color out of my life completely (I wasn't eating any orange things whatsoever .... even cheddar cheese) but yet its intrinsically part of my being. I

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