Portabella's | Progressive Insurance Commercial

Wait...Why is this even posted to the Progressive YouTube page?

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Welcome to Portabella's! This guy looks like he's ready for some scampi bites.
Wait a sec... ...I feel like I know you.
Oh, have you dined with us before?
No, you're that insurance guy aren't you? The pasty one.
Oh, as if. Like I'm gonna go into some spiel about how you can get options based on your budget with the Name Your Price Tool.
Hey Robbie, did you tell them about the mushroom puffers?
Just about to, Pam.
Wait, are we in a Progressive commerc-
Come on down to Portabella's. It's food, family and fun!
What is happening?
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Weird, you look just like him.
I guess I have one of those faces.
Hey, Pam! Do you think I look like that insurance guy?
I don't see it.
She didn't see it. She's really good at faces.

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