The commercial begins with designer Jason Wu working in his studio, drawing sketches. On the table where Jason Wu is working is a sketch of a black cat with a red bow around it's neck. As Jason Wu gets up to leave the room, the black cat comes to life, causing mischief. The cat walks across the table to a yellow shirt, where it kneads the shirt, giving the fabric texture, as bits of yellow pieces fly through the air. The black cat moves on to the sewing machine, where it rubs its face on the side of the machine, becoming startled as the machine starts to sew a red piece of fabric. The black cat scurries off the table, as the red fabric, drops to a chair, resting on top of a black skirt, and we see that it is now a beautiful red blouse. As the black cat runs through the studio, it runs through a bunch of ribbons. As the cat rushes past, pins and flowers are tossed in the air, landing next to a blue handbag with white flowers - another Jason Wu design. The handle to the door turns, and the cat jumps to a chair that has a white shirt draped over the back. The cat sits down, becoming a design on the shirt, watching as Jason Wu returns to the room with a cup of coffee. Jason Wu takes a quick look around the room before sitting back down at his desk to work. Jason Wu's designs are coming to Target Department stores beginning February 5. 2012.

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#JasonWuForTarget Mischief is in the details Jason Wu For Target February 5 Expect More. Pay Less.

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