The commercial begins with a white room where a white chair is in front of a white table. A woman (Coco Rocha) enters the room, grabs the chair to turn it around and steps onto the chair to get on the table top. Once she is on the table, the lights in the room come on. The woman, wearing a black suit, does a tap dance on top of the table, as her clothing changes - black suit, black jacket with white and black printed skirt, black pants with a white and black striped sweater, Black and white polka dot dress. All of a sudden the camera zooms in on her feet, which are now in bright red shoes. The woman continues her tap dance, now wearing red pants, white shirt and black jacket. The lights go out in the room as the woman wraps up her dance.

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(Lyrics) Ha ha. It's gonna be like that.  
We'll walk around pretending  
We're all grown up 
You've got to know 
You've got to know

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The New Workwear 
White House Black Market

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