The commercial shows an HP dv6t notebook computer with a guitar playing the song Blister in the Sun. Every time the screen is flipped up, a different instrument/person is playing/singing the song. The screen is flipped up and a sitar is now playing the song. Following the sitar is a choir singing. Next is a drummer and an electric in a band, followed by a woman playing the violin. After the violin, a DJ is shown while a crowd cheers. As the screen is flipped down, several images are seen - a keyboard, a bongo drum, an accordion and a clarinet.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The notebook made for music. The dv6t with beatsaudio, quad speakers and HD screen, only from HP. Starting at $599. Visit, or these retailers.

Written Text

The HP dv6t 
HD Screen 
Starting at $599

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