The commercial begins with a closeup of a woman's eyes, wearing shimmering green eyeshadow. She is seen enjoying a night out with friends, laughing and talking as her beauty shines through her bareMinerals makeup.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Like a sound you hear that lingers in your ear but you can't forget from sundown, to sunset 
California Hustler 
California Hustler 
With just one look, you can silence a room. But why on earth would you wanna do that? 
New bareMinerals Ready. A solid mineral collection of vibrant eyeshadows, glowing bronzers and alluring blushes. bareMinerals. Be a force of beauty.

Written Text

Engineer, Black Belt 
bareMinerals Ready 
Be a force of beauty 
find a boutique at

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