A dark-haired man, wearing a gray shirt, is standing outside of a Walmart store with a brunette woman, wearing a purple shirt and gray sweater, named Tiffany. The man is showing Tiffany that Walmart has low prices and shops the store with her.

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I'm here at Walmart with Tiffany, who drives around town looking for low prices. That burns a lot of gas. 
Wanna see if this Walmart Low-Price Guarantee can help you out with that? 
Every week they lower thousands of prices, and check over 30,000 competitor prices. Check out that low price. You wanna grab one? 
Grab two. 
What happens if she does find a lower advertised price somewhere else? 
I'll match it right here. 
So, what'd you learn today? 
Every dollar counts, and now I get to bring more home to my family. 
That's the Walmart Low Price Guarantee. See for yourself how much it can save you. 
(Lyrics) Suddenly I see

Written Text

Low Price Guarantee 
Save money. Live better.

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