Ever felt too old to sing, to dance, to celebrate? Act the way you feel, not the way everyone thinks you should. Make Your Nights #AbsolutNights. 

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Tom's been gone for two years now. But we don't cry, we celebrate. Tom's best friends show up at the door and we hug the way only old friends can. We tear into the day, we ride in a convertible and feel the wind on our faces. We head to the beach. The salt air smells like freedom. We pass this fair so we stop and play games. I won and I let James pick out the prize. Back at the house we feel good. We play games and lose ourselves in the moment. I tell a joke and James laughs so hard, water shoots out his nose. No one can stop laughing. We drink Absolut tonics, Tom's favorite. And we wanna move, we wanna dance, so we head to the club. We dance with everything inside us. We act the way we feel, not like everyone thinks we should. This couple invites us to their party, so we go. And we keep dancing until the sun comes up. It's a perfect sunrise and it feels warm and comfortable. I can't believe how beautiful it all is. We walk to the edge of the sea and think of Tom. We don't cry. We celebrate. We celebrate because that's what life is for. That was my Absolut night.

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Absolut Vodka 
Make your nights #AbsolutNights

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