The commercial begins with a blonde-haired woman carrying a pitcher of lemonade out to the garage, wearing a red Alabama hoodie. Her husband, wearing a Bama raglan T-shirt opens the garage door to reveal a space decorated in Alabama colors with a football field rug, and Alabama decor everywhere. The kids are in the garage, the young girl wearing an Alabama T-shirt, denim mini skirt and knee-high argyle socks, while the young boy is wearing jeans and a red Alabama T-shirt. Their friends arrive to the garage, all wearing their college fan gear. A man arrives on a motorcycle that looks like a tiger, wearing orange and black tiger pants and an Auburn Tigers T-shirt, but he brought Dominos pizza, so the rest of the group claims he's OK to stay.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Superfan Nation at Old Navy stores has football gear for your favorite teams and more. Styles galore. You're wearing a shirt that fits so right. College and Pro, hey who's that guy? He brought pizza he's all right. Superfan nation, college and pro fan gear from just 14 bucks. Only at Old Navy.

Written Text

Old Navy Superfan Nation Fan Gear for the family from $14 Texas Longhorns CU Colorado Property of Mizzou Athletic Dept Notre Dame Irish Florida Nebraska Huskers Boise State Tennessee Rutgers Scarlet Knights Oregon State University Blue Devils UCONN Arizona I (Heart) UCLA Lets Go!! Dawgs Michigan Wolverines Washington State Lets Go!! Virginia

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It plays these songs...

Sister Christian
performed by Night Ranger

This Song is played in Old Navy Commercial for Superfan Nation
The song used in this Old Navy Fan Nation commercial is the tune of Sister Christian, but the lyrics are changed to advertise college and professional sports teams shirts.

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