"Charlie Sheen" This commercial begins with a man trying to record TV shows from cable. He keeps getting the message "Recording Conflict" and gets angry. The man goes to a bar to drown his troubles and stop thinking about how frustrated he is with his cable service. While drinking his beer, he sees a neon sign for a Turkish bathhouse through the window and decides to go check it out. Upon walking inside, he meets crazy actor, Charlie Sheen enjoying one of the hot tubs. Later that night, then end up re-enacting scenes from the 80's movie, [Platoon]. One of the scenes shows Charlie Sheen ("Chris" in the movie) peeking up from behind a houseplant with a crossbow getting ready to shoot the man with an arrow. You don't want a man with tiger blood coursing through his veins pointing a crossbow at you. The moral of the story is to drop cable and get DirecTV so you don't get killed by Charlie Sheen. WINNING!

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When you have cable and can't record all your shows, you feel unhappy. When you feel unhappy, you go to happy hour. When you go to happy hour, you're up for anything. When you're up for anything, you head to a Turkish bath house. When you head to a Turkish bathhouse, you meet Charlie Sheen. And when you meet Charlie Sheen, you re-enact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen. Don't re-enact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV. Call 1-800-DIRECTV

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Recording Conflict Turkish Baths / Showers Paddy's Get rid of cable Packages starting at $29.99 / mo. / 1-800-DIRECTV DirecTV, DirectTV, Direc TV, Direct TV

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This commercial refers to re-enacting scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen was an actor in this 80's movie about the Vietnam War.
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