As with most Apple iPhone and iPod commercials, this one simply shows a hand holding an iPhone (3GS) and using its various features. This particular commercial, titled "Travel" is about using iPhone apps which make it easier for you to travel. It focuses on three apps: 
* Rick Steves' "ParisWalk" for finding your way around Paris 
* Tube 09 for using the "Tubes" (subway) in Paris 
* Postman for sending a post card

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So how does the iPhone make traveling easier? 
Well, if you'd like your own personal tour of Paris... there's an app for that. (You're standing at the center of France). 
Or you'd like to figure out the metro... there's an app for that. 
Or you'd like to send a postcard home... there's an app for that too. 
Because there's an app for just about anything, only on the iPhone.

Written Text

Dear Brian, 
Hello from the other side of the Atlantic! Here's a shot I took of the Eiffel Tower. 
Au revoir! 
Bonjour from Paris! 
iPhone 3GS 
Sequences shortened. Apps from App Store. 
The nation's fastest 3G network. 
3G not available in all areas.

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