Ronnie Renner takes his crew to the desert for a epic day of riding. What follows will undoubtedly make you want to grab your motorcycle and find you own escape. 
"GoPro: Desert Freeride with Ronnie Renner"

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As a kid, I never really imagined being able to make a living riding motorcycles. I mean, I dreamed of it, but figured that was a pipe dream, you know? Someone told me to keep pushing on and when you come out here to the desert, it really gives you that sense of freedom. This is the life that I chose, and this is the place where I can exercise that. You know, it's kind of a way of life and a lifestyle for not only myself but a lot of people. So going to places like the desert become kind of my way of life, you know, my escape. 
That was deep and heavy. I felt it coming up.

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Be a HERO. 
Ronnie Renner 
Break Science

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