Velcoro has a dream of a man, later revealed to be his father, in a bar. His father tells Velcoro of a vision of him running out of the woods and being shot to death as Velcoro sees wounds form on his own body. He awakens revealing the shot was non-lethal, and discovers that a hard drive containing footage of Caspere's sexual encounters has been stolen. As he recovers, Velcoro meets his father who is also an alcoholic and delivers him cannabis indica to help his father sleep. Semyon begins suffering from erectile dysfunction for the first time as pressure builds against him while his wife, Jordan, gives him oral sex for in vitro fertilization which he considers unnatural. Bezzerides and Woodrugh investigate Mayor Chessani's possible connection to Caspere's death by going to his home. They discover his intoxicated young trophy wife, moody daughter and problematic son much to Chessani's dismay who threatens to have Bezzerides and Woodrugh fired. Semyon meets an old business partner in the construction business who already paid his debts, but demands more capital in exchange for new favors. Semyon meets with Osip who hints he is bailing on the deal. Semyon's criminal associate, Blake, enters and reveals his other criminal associate, Stan, was just killed as well. Woodrugh meets an old friend from private security firm Black Mountain, Miguel Gilb, who reminds him of their homosexual encounter during the war. Woodrugh responds by pushing him to the ground. Later Woodrugh uses a gay escort to get into Danny Santos' club for further investigation where he briefly bumps into Semyon. Semyon tells Santos and other gangsters to find who is murdering his associates. Santos who loses respect for Semyon states he no longer works for him and tells Semyon to get out. Semyon responds by fighting and beating Santos, then taking out Santos' golden front teeth with pliers. While Bezzerides and Velcoro share a drink at his house, Velcoro's ex-wife Gena Brune shows up at his door to inform him he is under investigation by the state for corruption and the prior assault on her rapist; Bezzerides hears the conversation behind the door. Brune attempts to give Velcoro $10,000 to drop the custody battle, which he refuses. A tip from Caspere's assistant Laura leads Bezzerides and Velcoro investigate a movie set learning that a car had been stolen in the weeks prior, presumably the same car which carried Caspere. As they interrogate a boy with a history of auto theft, around the corner a masked man sets fire to the car which transported Caspere's body. Bezzerides is nearly hit by a truck during the pursuit as she and Velcoro chase the masked man before Velcoro pulls her out of the way. She thanks Velcoro, who tells her she can thank him by telling him what the state has against him. She says she does not know.

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