Eve and Carolyn get Frank to a safe house, and he tells them that he is being paid by a shadow organization "The Twelve", who use Villanelle for purposeful destabilization. Villanelle breaks into Eve's home to talk to her, and takes her phone, which Villanelle uses to track Frank down and kill him. Konstantin tells Villanelle that Nadia is alive and has to be killed before she can be questioned by anyone.

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Killing Eve Season 1

# Title Air Date
Killing Eve
1:1 Nice Face Apr 8, 2018
1:2 I'll Deal With Him Later Apr 15, 2018
1:3 Don't I Know You? Apr 22, 2018
1:4 Sorry Baby Apr 29, 2018
1:5 I Have A Thing About Bathrooms May 6, 2018
1:6 Take Me to the Hole! May 13, 2018
1:7 I Don't Want to Be Free May 20, 2018
1:8 God, I'm Tired May 27, 2018