Governor Devlin reinstates capital punishment with Keane being the first man executed. Tobias Beecher tries to redeem himself by trying to appeal on his behalf but Schillinger stops him in his tracks. O'Reily plays a double agent by being loyal to both sides to cover up his own dirty business. Sister Peter Marie is fired for protesting against the death penalty but is rehired again.

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Oz Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 The Routine Jul 12, 1997
1:2 Visits, Conjugal and Otherwise Jul 14, 1997
1:3 God's Chillin' Jul 21, 1997
1:4 Capital P Jul 28, 1997
1:5 Straight Life Aug 4, 1997
1:6 To Your Health Aug 11, 1997
1:7 Plan B Aug 18, 1997
1:8 A Game Of Checkers Aug 25, 1997

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