Hank attempts to write a new project and Charlie gets fired at his job over the mishap with Robbie Mac. Both of them meet with Atticus Fetch about continuing their partnership on the proposed musical project. Atticus decides to send both of them to retrieve a guitar that belonged to a childhood friend, the deceased rock musician from the funeral, from a drug dealer (Jorge Garcia). They meet up with Faith and she guides them to the location. Karen continues her job as the interior designer of Atticus Fetch's house. Stu tries to reconcile with Marcy and thinks things are seemingly going well until Marcy, under the advice of Ophelia, makes Stu wear one of Ophelia's products to which he reluctantly agrees.

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Californication Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 The Unforgiven Jan 13, 2013
6:2 Quitters Jan 20, 2013
6:3 Dead Rock Stars Jan 27, 2013
6:4 Hell Bent for Leather Feb 10, 2013
6:5 Rock and a Hard Place Feb 17, 2013
6:6 In the Clouds Feb 24, 2013
6:7 The Dope Show Mar 3, 2013
6:8 Everybody's a Fucking Critic Mar 10, 2013
6:9 Mad Dogs & Englishmen Mar 17, 2013
6:10 Blind Faith Mar 24, 2013
6:11 The Abby Mar 31, 2013
6:12 I'll Lay My Monsters Down Apr 7, 2013

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