Bobby is excited thinking that he is going to get the lead in the Drama Club's presentation of Oklahoma!, only to find out that someone else got it. 
He begins moping around his bedroom, which begins to worry Peggy, who tries to encourage Hank to cancel a trip to the flea market in order to cheer Bobby up. Hank is unconcerned due to his lack of interest in either theater or Oklahoma, but after a father-son chat, Bobby states that he is upset that he isn't good at something like Connie is with the violin and Joseph is with football. In an attempt to cheer Bobby up and find him a new "thing", Hank takes Bobby with him to the flea market and gives him some money. 
While at the flea market, Bobby wanders around for a bit and finds a deck of tarot cards. The salesman tells Bobby that they can be used to predict the future, which fascinates Bobby so he buys them. He tells Hank who assumes that he's talking about poker playing cards. 
Bobby practices telling the future on Bill and predicts that something bad will happen in the near future. Later, when he is at the video store he runs into one of the employees, a nerdy 30-something named Ward. He notices Bobby's tarot cards and insults them stating that the only thing that he could predict with them is a coincidence. Bobby asks him to teach him about magic. He agrees and gives Bobby an address and tells him to bring chips. 
Later Bobby shows up and Ward introduces him to his "circle of power", a bunch of nerdy teenagers who all wear purple robes. Bobby gets off on the wrong foot but the others agree to teach him their ways. Over the next few days Bobby learns everything he can about magic. 
Later while at one of Joseph's football games Bobby leaves to be with Ward and the others. Hank assumes he's going to play poker and notices that he forget his cards and goes off to give them to him. He finds Bobby with the others performing a type of ritual dance and is appalled that this was what Bobby was doing the whole time. He drags Bobby away and tells him that he can't hang around those guys anymore and decides to not tell Peggy for her own good. 
Later at a pizza parlor Bobby tells the guys that Hank has forbidden him from hanging out with them. They convince Bobby that Hank is afraid of Bobby's power so Bobby continues to hang around them. 
At school Bobby tries to use his power to get a ball of the roof. Principal Moss catches him and calls Hank and Peggy telling them that witchcraft is forbidden under school policy. Peggy freaks out stating that this would definitely make Bobby a girl repellent and she wants grandchildren. 
Hank tells Bobby that he's forbidding this for his own good, but Bobby still believes that Hank is afraid of his power and goes to the others. They decide to perform a strange ritual and need a chalice holder. The others don't want to do it so Bobby agrees to. He is informed that he has to drink Canine Spiritus which is dog blood. 
Freaked out Bobby goes to the library to try to find some kind of loophole. He runs into John Redcorn and asks him about rituals involving drinking animal blood. John Redcorn is also grossed out over the ritual and goes to tell Hank when he learns that Bobby is involved in such plans. Once he tells Hank the two of them take off in John Redcorn's jeep to stop it. 
Meanwhile Bobby and the others have gathered at the baseball field. When it comes time for Bobby to drink the blood he backs down, angering Ward who says that they'll have to destroy him. They began making all kinds of weird noises and gestures that do nothing much to Bobby's amusement and he finally sees them for what they truly are: a bunch of nerds. He gives them back the robe and leaves. Ward asks if anyone else wants to be the chalice holder. Since no one volunteers they decide to just drop it on cars over the freeway. 
Hank finds Bobby and asks if he drank the dog blood. Bobby reveals that he didn't much to Hank's relief and they head home. Along the way Bobby tells Hank that Ward truly was a nerd and that he wore socks with sandals. Hank is relieved that it is all over while John Redcorn questions what is wrong with wearing socks with sandals.

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composed by Oscar Hammerstein II and Richard Rodgers

This Musical is referred to by The Witches of East Arlen part of King of the Hill Season 7
Bobby is excited thinking that he is going to get the lead in the Drama Club's presentation of Oklahoma!, only to find out that someone else got it.

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