On 12.10 - 12.12, we opened the world's first #EmojiScience lab. Here's a quick recap of how our emoji table of science experiments came to life-- you might even see some special guests, Like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Rosario Dawson! 
"Meet the Emoji Table of Experiments - #EmojiScience - GE"

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My favorite emoji today, uh, is the telescope. Telescope allows us to look up and out to answers to the two deep questions: "Where did we all come from?" and "Are we alone in the universe?".  
There is science to everything, that's the thing that I think is so beautiful, you know, kids as "Why?", "Why?", "Why?", "Why is the sky blue?", "Why does it rain?", "Why does it snow?". You're never too old to keep asking "Why?". 
I strongly encourage you all not to say you have a favorite, because then the other science experiments will think you don't like them. But I do, uh, I never get tired of mixing vinegar and baking soda. You get a solid and a liquid that evolves into a gas. Come on. That's just, you can't beat it.

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We Opened The World' First Emoji Science Lab 
And Created The Emoji Table Of Experiments 
There's Science In Everything. 
Even Emojis. 
Emoji Science 
Special thanks to  
The NYU Chemistry Department & The National Science Foundation 
Visit and Share Your Own Experiments on Vine Using #EmojiScience

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