Straight out of Australia, Meg Mac is set to be the next big thing. Beats caught up with the "Roll Up Your Sleeves" singer in Austin last month. Watch now for insight on how she finds inspiration and much more. 
"#BeatsSXSW: Meg Mac"

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All my inspiration is just from my life. I'd like to tell stories from the outside but at the moment I'm very much, yeah, my own experience. I don't write songs in one go. I write them over time. At the start I might be going through something and then by the time I've finished the song I've actually, like, processed what's going on in my head. I'm doing a support tour, and I'm supporting Clean Bandit from the UK. Yeah, I saw the lists of all the cities and they're all places that I've heard of in movies but I've never, I have no idea where they are on the map so I'm really excited we've got this giant van and we're just gonna like, drive around America 
(Lyrics) Roll up your sleeves 
And face the face it’s looking right back at me 
It’s easier to leave it oh 
It’s easier to fake it, oh oh 
So I’ll go and I’ll join the free 
There’s people there, they’re just like me oh

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Meg Mac 
Beats By Dre 

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