The couple upstairs. The lady next door. Sue and Pete (or is it Paul?) from number 44. They might not be your dearest, but they are your nearest. So this Christmas, let’s get into the festive spirit. With magical gifts for less, why not give just one more? Spread a little TK Maxx. 
"TKMaxx Christmas 2015 TV Advert"

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The woman above with the baby. The couple you see in the hallway. Sue and Pete. Or is it Paul? No, it's Pete. Number 24 who really, really love Christmas. Even the nosy bloke on the corner. They might not be your dearest, but they're your nearest. So this Christmas, why not spread a little TK Maxx? Because with magical gifts for less, it's easy to give just one more.  
(Lyrics) I'm, I'm dreaming 
Dreaming of a white, white Christmas 
Just like the one that I used to know 
And may all of your Christmases 
Baby may your days, may your days 
Be merry, merry, so merry and bright 
Lord have mercy, I wish all of them honey 
And may all your Christmases 
Be so white

Written Text

love your neighbour 
TK Maxx 
Big labels 
Magical gifts 

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