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I love you. Will you marry me? 
Oh my God! 
Have you two picked a date yet? 
Within the year. 
Tom and Violet are perfect for each other 
Of course, the men will wear yamakas (Yarmulke). 
You don't have a yamaka (yarmulke). 
It's in my Jewish drawer. 
If only they can make it to the altar. 
Look at them. They're all puffy and stupid. 
Come on, this is your wedding. You only get a few of these. 
On April 27th 
We're all right. It's you and me. We can handle anything.  
Awww! It's a fire hydrant! 
From the producer of Bridesmaids 
This engagement party is a time to explore Tom's Past. Jenny Newman, Greta K., Anna Pena, Lizzie Gray. THis Korean, that Korean. And Lizzie Gray again. 
OK, that's enough. 
The Five-Year Engagement. Rated R

Written Text

On April 27th 
From the Producer of Bridesmaids 
Tom's Past Lovers 
The Five-Year Engagement 

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