Cleveland looks for a job, first trying to be a grizzled police officer two days from retirement and also as a singing salesman at the Stoolbend Flea Market. Tim helps him get a job at Waterman Cable as a phone solicitor. Cleveland runs into an old high-school friend, Terry Kimple who is working as a cable installer for Waterman. When they were in school, Terry took the rap when they were busted for drugs. When Cleveland excels as a salesman, causing business to dry up for Tim, Tim prays for bad things to happen to Cleveland.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Television Commercials are featured in this Television Episode?

It shows...
Flea Market Montgomery Commercial

Flea Market Montgomery Commercial

Dates: - March 2010
This Television Commercial is shown on Birth of a Salesman part of The Cleveland Show Season 1
Cleveland does a parody of the Flea Market Montgomery commercial, only instead of using "Montgomery", he says "Stoolbend".

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