Die Hard begins on Christmas Eve with New York detective John McClane traveling to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his wife Holly, who is now living in LA with their two children and going by her maiden name. The party was being held at the fictional Nakatomi Plaza. During the evening, German terrorists break into the building and take the partygoers hostage. McClane escapes detection after having an argument with his wife and leaving to an upstairs bathroom. He manages to hide throughout the building, killing off the terrorists one by one. After a reporter reveals that McClane's wife is one of the hostages by interviewing their children, the terrorists take Holly in order to persuade McClane into giving up. He finally meets the leader Hans Gruber and throws him out of the window.

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Flip Flop part of Modern Family Season 4

Modern Family:
Season: 4 / Episode: 20

Flip Flop

This Television Episode refers to Die Hard part of Die Hard
Phil tells Zack, the prospective home buyer, that from the back of the house, you can almost see the building that was in 'Die Hard'.

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AT&T and DirecTV Commercial

AT&T and DirecTV Commercial

Dates: - April 2017
This Television Commercial refers to Die Hard part of Die Hard
The movie trivia guy tells us, "Die Hard is considered a Christmas movie!"

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