The film starts with Roger and Anita getting ready for moving. In the midst of all that happened, a young pup named Patch feels lost in "the sea of spots". Inspired by his TV hero Thunderbolt, Patch starts to act like he is a "one-of-a-kind dog".Patch begins to feel empty hearted and sleeps in the closet before the day of the moving. When he wakes up, he finds himself left alone, so he decides to hitch a ride on a Kanine Krunchies delivery truck where he ends up meeting Thunderbolt. During this time, the Dearlys are enjoying their new home they think is safe from Cruella De Vil. At the same time, Lil' Lightning, Thunderbolt's sidekick, fools Thunderbolt into leaving his career as a wonder dog. Believing him, Thunderbolt sets off. Near the gate where he stood to leave is Patch, who later joins him on reckless journeys across town to "save" London from "danger". Cruella has been banned from every single fur store now. She sets off and meets a painter named Lars. She finds out that he likes to paint spots, so she asks if he could draw a picture for her. Lars agrees and tries everything. Cruella realizes it is time to kidnap the puppies once again, to be Lars' inspiration. In jail, she re-recruits Horace and Jasper to kidnap the 101 dalmatians. The plan succeeds, leaving the new plantation where the Dearlys live abandoned. She comes back to Lars to reveal her secret plan. Lars rejects and gets caught, during this same moment, Patch and Thunderbolt arrive.

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