While Doug is taking a driving test, he runs into Ray Barone (Ray Romano). Ray seems to have trouble with a few of the questions, and asks Doug for the answers. Doug is caught by the instructor, and loses his license. Ray makes it up to Doug by taking him to a New York Jets football game. Ray's brother Robert (Brad Garrett) goes with them. After the game, Ray lets Doug drive, and Robert finds out that Doug does not have a license. Robert, being a cop, tells Doug to pull over. With no license and suspended from his delivery job, Doug tries to help Carrie study by playing with Arthur. Finally, Doug passes his drivers test only to have met Ray's father (Frank)(Peter Boyle) who happens to crash into Doug's car outside the DMV.

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Ice Cubed part of The King of Queens Season 7

The King of Queens:
Season: 7 / Episode: 19

Ice Cubed

This Television Episode refers to Road Rayge
Doug has a flashback while sitting in the living room of an IPS delivery customer. After hearing the wife tell her husband that her father will be moving in with them, Doug has a flashback to several unpleasant moments with Arthur over the years. One of the flashbacks is from the episode 'Road Rayge' when Arthur gets angry while playing Monopoly in the basement with Doug, flipping the board game onto the floor.

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